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May 30, 2015

Rescue me! Paddy, the survivor

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The survivor, maybe that says a lot about her personality. Saved from being put sleep in an animal shelter, she was rescued by a kind lady and sent to a foster mom who was friend of our son’s. Chris contacted her and said, “my Mom needs a dog, do you know of one?” and she said she thought she had just we needed. Initially she was 10 ponds, thin hair, much of which had been chewed of because of the mats. The veterinarian said she appeared to be about two years old and probably had been on the run maybe as much as six months. Whether she stayed or went was up in the air for a while and finally the decision was made to give her a chance and see if she would fit in. Very skittish she spent much of her time hiding but eating voraciously. By her follow-up vet visit she had gained 4 pounds and by her next annual check-up she was all the way up to 18 pounds which is pretty normal for her breed. Oh and what breed? Though she does not look great in a Schnauzer cut, though getting beter over time. she turned out to be a full breed Schnauzer and has gotten a tan/light brown coat. On arrival she was always tense and her ears stood up like a rabbit’s all the time. They have settled down now and she eats more slowly, but still reminds you when it is mealtime.
We have had Paddy for over 5 years now, last visit to the vet they said she was 19 pounds and probably should loose a little. She will come in and jump in your lap if prompted and occasionally on her own. Likes to be outside where she has the run of the yard thanks to an invisible fence that she does not test. Not crazy about being combed but actually fights it less than our previous Schnauzers. All in all she seems to be happy here or at least comfortable. Found this in my drafts and thought I’d finish it.

August 1, 2013

Should I write a book?

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For some time now, years in fact, I have toyed with the idea of writing a book. Not just any book but one raising the question about me being a candidate for President of the United States (POTUS). I believe myself as qualified as anyone else. I am of age, a natural born citizen, of reasonably good moral character – better than some who have held this office. And I believe I have worldly experience across a broad spectrum that would give me a foundation to represent the American people as a whole. So what is holding me back? Time? I seem to have quite a bit of that since I have been laid off from my job. Money? That would keep me from running for the office but not from writing the book. At one point I naively thought proceeds from the book would fund a campaign. Fear that no one would be interested? Yes, that is the real crux of the matter. What if I wrote the book and no one would read it? After all what do you put in a book like that for people to find interesting. I have no hot sexual encounters to tantalize an audience with or any vivid combat experience to highlight. Other than just being an average American leading a relatively ordinary life there isn’t much there. I believe myself to be a fair, reasonable and intelligent person who makes decisions that demonstrate good judgement. A leader as demonstrated by my experience in Boy Scouting, the Army, and is numerous fraternal groups. I do not consider myself to be a conservative or really a liberal, though I lean that way. I am a moderate in that I have positions that are both conservative and liberal based on the issue or balanced in general. This is where I believe the majority of American people are as well. I can discuss my education and training in the book. My myriad of experience in government agencies, the military and private industry. My positions on social issues and my vision of the future of our society. But would anybody really care what I think or bother to read my book to find out? Perhaps we are complacent with the current political structure. Part of my proposal is to form a new political party, the American Eagle Party representing the moderate position, a compromise position between the conservatives and liberals, a position I believe represents the majority of the American population. This would represent all groups, all income levels, all races and religions, all sexual persuasions and would believe in the Constitution and laws of the land. Where there is disagreement change would be promoted through action and yes with a willingness to compromise when presented with logical and rational facts. Okay so this would be a good introduction to my book, what do you think?

July 31, 2013

How about a nap?

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Just a few minutes to waste.Take off your shoes. Lay down on the bed, fluff the pillow, pull up the sheet. Roll from stomach to side and grab another pillow. Roll onto back. Now to other side. Try to block the light coming in the window. Back on the stomach. Let mind drift. Still not comfortable. Back onto back again and bring hands to side. Unwrap from sheet, sit up, put shoes back on. No napping just isn’t going to work for me. Nice thought though. Well, back to life.

Here we go again

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It seems once in a great while the earth moves and I sit down to write a blog. Today is an overcast but comfortable summer day. The last day of July in fact. Still stepping though since I am getting less hours at plant merchandising it is tougher to get significant numbers of steps without a lot of extra effort, like walking to and from the grocery store. Doing a little gardening and watering. Keeping up with the laundry and preparing most of the meals. Tonight is salmon. Have concern for a senior family member but for right now he seems to be doing well. Tomorrow the dog gets her annual check up, great fun. Still waiting on that new career opportunity to present itself. Have managed to loose a few pounds this summer, hopefully will be able to keep them off. Looking forward to a crab feast coming up in August. Lots of Eastern Star stuff to do for my committee – Military and Veterans and the Past Appointed Grand Officer’s Club both of which I am Secretary/Treasurer of this year. Why me? All in all it has been a good summer, especially the weekends when we frequently get to have meals in the gazebo on the deck, most relaxing. Can a whole Saturday morning with breakfast and the Washington Post. Friday night is frequently a good meal, possibly from the grill, a bottle of wine and just relaxing and talking about the week. I am a happily married guy and I enjoy the company of my wife. Looking forward to growing old together, but not for a long time. Well, haven’t I rambled on about everything. Hope everyone else is having as good life as I am.

May 10, 2013


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Why is it that it takes so long for me to get around to posting new stories? Is it that I just have that little to say? Is it that I am afraid that if I post my opinions that someone will be offended or a potential employer may think it would make me a bad candidate? Is it that I am too busy doing things to sit down and write about them? Could it be all of the above, and more? I could sit here and ponder this for a while but I just have too many other things to do. Oh, there, maybe I answered my question.

Walking or step counting

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Since the first of the year I have been tracking my steps wiith a gadget I received for Christmas, a FitBit pedometer. My attempt was to walk 10,000 steps a day and I have been successful at doing that all but a handful of days since the first of the year. As of right now I have logged 1,316,538 steps or 614.7 miles. Which I consider to be a great feat and I am sure it is good for my health but I am frustrated that I am only maintaining my weight and not loosing it. I was maintaining my weight at the same level before I started all the walking and I have not changed my eating habits, in fact I believe I am eating less because I am spending time I would have been snacking, walking and I don’t have the time to get snacks. Oh well, I must be on my way, miles to go before I sleep as they say.

August 23, 2012

The summer is flying by

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I would not have expected summer to go so quickly with my being around the house all the time instead of out working a job. There are so many things I should have done this Summer but it seem I have spent it in front of this computer sending out resume after resume to every opportunity under the sun. One of the reasons I bought this house was because it has a community pool but we have yet to be in it this year, or last for that matter. I hope to rectify that before the summer is over, which isn’t far away. I was going to stain the wood on my deck. Well, we will see if that happens. The lawn has been mowed over and over again, the edges trimmed and the debris blown away. Flowers on the deck in planters are flourishing as are the annuals along the walk in front of the house. The vegetable garden consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini squash all of which are producing at a modest rate. We have spent many meals out in the gazebo where the screening protects us from the bugs. The bird feeder has been active, when I remember to fill it. The dog goes out and comes in and goes out and comes in. It has been hot and it has been dreary, not sure which I prefer. Lately it has been very pleasant and the humidity has been more moderate than I remember or I am just spending all my time in the air conditioning. Well, I guess summer is just slipping away, at least for today.

How about those Olympics!

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I guess I am a little late writing this but it has been on my mind to write while they were in progress and I thought maybe I should wait until they were over. Then they were over and I moved on to other things.
A lot of things were very interesting this year. Unfortunately the TV programming controlled what one could see. Certainly the excitement of the Phelps medal collection was impressive, more medals than any one athlete ever before. The USA capture of the Women’s Team Gymnastics, Women’s water-polo, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and women’s beach volleyball. Oh, and the men’s basketball ho, hum. There seems to be a trend that USA women are getting better while the men are just getting by. I was sorry that in the men’s gymnastics we never saw the men on rings. Someone said it was because the USA team did so bad they didn’t show it. One day I was mesmerized by the bike race up a small mountain and around it ten times and then back into the city, very fascinating. The US won 104 medals, more than anyone else. But less than the 120 in the previous Olympics. I didn’t see the ribbon dancing or the synchronized swimming and that was not an accident. All in all from opening to closing it was quite an event. I am already anxious to see the opening in Brazil, I am expecting quite an extravaganza. My final note- I miss baseball being an Olympic sport

July 30, 2012

July is windng down

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Can’t believe there is only one more day in July. Its been a hot one. Can’t believe I am still no closer to going back to work. Spent a full five days with my better half out of town and only our pup to keep me company. But the Olympics have started, what a nice distraction. Vegetables are starting to come in from the garden with regularity. Only growing tomatoes , zucchini squash, and cucumbers but have had some of each. Home grown always seems to taste better for some reason. And the political rhetoric is heating up on both sides. I am trying hard to not use this space to voice my views, which is never a good idea when one is seeking a new position as everything seems to go public these days and anything can prejudice an employer. Those who know me know my position, I’ve never been one to hide it. Well, one more day in July and then we charge into August and start off the first weekend with a big Crab Feast we are greatly looking forward to. So long July.

July 24, 2012

What a week

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Some people are not meant to be alone. It is one thing to have your loved one out of town when you go to work and are around other people all day. It is quite another to be home all day, day after day, and have there be no one there to talk to, share a meal with, or hug. Well, I did just talk to her, and that was some consolation but I can not wait for her to be home again on Thursday. It’s like why bother eating, watch television until very late at night, feed and put out the dog, oh yeah, and bring her in again. Spend the day looking for jobs to apply to, try to follow up on one’s you already did. But nothing seems to be happening. Went out to cut the grass and it started raining. Did finish the front, will do the back tomorrow. Well, I guess I better go find something to eat and then go watch television. I was never meant to be alone.

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